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H3 helps organizations by focusing on 3 strategic services that will positively impact your people and power performance. 

  • People Strategy
    Technology, customer preferences, demographics, social norms, and business models are all evolving rapidly, and the speed of change appears only to be accelerating. To keep up or better yet, stay ahead, organizations need to be responsive, nimble, innovative and continuously learning. True change happens when your people strategy and organizational practices are designed in a way that inspires and rewards ongoing adaptation. The ability to flex and pivot with speed and intelligents in response to shifting market demands is fundamental to future success. Proactively preparing your business to excel in uncertain and complex times lies in talent strategies that are practical, empowering and inspire people to reach their full potential. H3 provides end to end support to organizations that want to transform their business. We help translate your people strategy into something that is intuitive, flexible and purpose-driven. We do this by helping you align the tangibles of your organization: people, structure and practices; with the intangibles: motivations, relationships, and culture.
  • Culture and People-Centred Practices
    ‘Culture’ is a vague term, difficult to define but often easier to recognize and observe. At its essence, an organization’s culture is how work gets done and the way people interact and relate. Simply allowing your culture to develop organically can be risky; you are never quite sure what you’ll get. Culture building is a deliberate process; it requires alignment between your purpose (the Why), your strategy (the What) and your culture (the How). Your culture is strongly influenced by the decisions big and small made every day. Who do you hire, promote or exit? How are decisions made and by whom? How do people dress, behave and interact? Do people talk to each other or about each other? What kind of behaviour is rewarded? What is the overall spirit: fear or trust? H3 helps you turn insights into action, to shape the culture that’s right for your business, your people, your customers and your future. Through a practical and people-centred assessment process, we gather feedback and dive deep into the ways you attract, engage, develop, reward and retain your workforce. We partner with you to leverage your strengths, identify high priority actions and put a plan in place that results in quick yet steady progress. Fostering a dynamic culture is a process not an event; we partner with you throughout this process to measure progress and help you adapt and pivot as required.
  • Talent and Leadership Development
    At the core of every organization lies the teams and leaders who make things happen. How effectively they create, relate and perform are the key ingredients to a happy, healthy, human workplace. Who you work for and with matters; it can energize and inspire you to reach new heights or it can drain you, leaving you feeling undervalued and stressed. Research has shown that positive human connections in a workplace result in better health and well-being, elevates engagement, tightens strategic alignment, enhances the quality of decision making and stimulates innovation. All of these are powerful performance advantages for any businesses. While a great culture sets the tone for how things get done and how people connect, it is enlightened leaders at all levels that ultimately make this a daily reality for the teams they serve. At H3 we recognize that the new world of work has and will continue to change the way we engage and lead. We design and facilitate meaningful development programs to help your leaders soar. Our leading content combines both timeless leadership skills such as communication, influence, delegation, coaching as well as next-generation leadership capabilities; compassion, positive psychology, learning agility, design thinking, and co-leadership. We work with you to customize programs and workshops so they are relevant to your organization, context, and people. From individual contributors to first-time managers to senior executives or somewhere in between, we develop programs that will take your leadership capabilities to the next level.

Natasha Mitchell, Change Management Leader (Professional Service)

“Your strategic advice and interactive workshop helped our global team refine our focus, set objectives, streamline processes and most importantly instilled a 'one team' mindset." 


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